Mr. Alexander Adams » Welcome to the Music Room!

Welcome to the Music Room!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome (or welcome back) to the Roadrunners Band program at Jordan Small Middle School



We are looking forward to a great year of exciting musical experiences and educational growth. Our goal in the Roadrunners Band Program is to provide the opportunity and guidance to allow each student to become a responsible, respectful and successful musician and member of the community both in our school and outside of it.


We work to make this happen through development of both physical skills (fine and gross motor tasks involved in musical performance) and other softer skills like the use of self-discipline that is required to be successful in individual musical practice, critical listening and informed decision making, as well the ability to make informed choices and take individual responsibility for the success of a group.


A performing ensemble is a group effort that relies heavily on the individual to build its successes. The sound of the individual is the sound of the group. Students have the greatest chance of success as student musicians so long as their desire to play, parental support and practice for success are there.


I look forward to a great year of music making and working together to become better musicians and better citizens


Alex Adams
Band Director