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Latest Closure Information from Principal Randy Crockett

Dear JSMS Families,
I hope you are all feeling well and adjusting to our new daily routines. Since the time that our closure was extended from the initial 2 weeks , the teachers and many other school staff have been working to develop distance learning opportunities for all students.

Antonio Asali wins the Jordan-Small Middle School National Geographic GeoBee

Ten middle school students from Jordan-Small Middle School participated in the school competition of the National Geographic GeoBee on Tuesday, January 7th. Antonio Asali, a sixth-grade student, won first place, with second place going to sixth-grader Isabella Messer, while seventh grade student Harrison Behnke finished in third place.

"Starbooks Cafe Booktasting" for 6th grade ELA students

Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Dieumegard hosted a "Starbooks Cafe Booktasting" for some JSMS 6th grade ELA students. They read the first few pages of a book at each table, exposing them to genres and books they might not have chosen for themselves.

Life of a Student Athlete with John Underwood

FEATURING SPEAKER: John Underwood, Director/Founder of
Life of an Athlete/Pure Performance-Human Performance Project
As a past Running Olympian himself, John holds three International Olympic Solidarity diplomas for coaching & has been a crusader for drug-free sports at all levels.
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