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Antonio Asali wins the Jordan-Small Middle School National Geographic GeoBee

Ten middle school students from Jordan-Small Middle School participated in the school competition of the National Geographic GeoBee on Tuesday, January 7th. Antonio Asali, a sixth-grade student, won first place, with second place going to sixth-grader Isabella Messer, while seventh grade student Harrison Behnke finished in third place.
Antonio Asali

"Starbooks Cafe Booktasting" for 6th grade ELA students

Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Dieumegard hosted a "Starbooks Cafe Booktasting" for some JSMS 6th grade ELA students. They read the first few pages of a book at each table, exposing them to genres and books they might not have chosen for themselves.

JSMS Mission and Vision

At Jordan­ Small Middle School We Believe ...
The primary goal of JSMS is to provide students with the academic skills and personal habits necessary to ensure success at the secondary level.
Social and emotional skills are key to building individual character and positive relationships within a greater community, and critical to the success of adolescents as learners.  It is important that:
Students and staff model respect, patience, and kindness.    Students and staff practice acceptance, courage, and compassion.  Staff members communicate effectively with parents to cultivate a partnership.     Students are involved in the process of developing class expectations with their teachers.   Staff members use intentional strategies to help students build the resiliency needed for healthy decision making.  Students use these strategies to accept and build individuality and the resiliency needed to overcome personal obstacles.
We will continue to create a learning environment that promotes self-­motivation, student engagement, and achievement. Motivation and engagement increase with and are more likely to occur when:
Students can articulate what they should know and be able to do in order to achieve proficiency.   Students use a well­ defined process to track their own progress toward attaining individual goals.  Students are motivated to meet learning targets and take opportunities for work revision.  Students can articulate how an assignment or activity connects to standards and learning targets. ­   Students receive frequent, relevant, formative feedback.  Learning takes place using various types of instruction, which allows for student voice and choice. ­  Instruction is based on students’ needs and interests.  Staff and students understand that mistakes are inherent to the learning process.  Staff and students focus on individual growth based on increasingly complex thinking:
remember → understand → apply → create → evaluate → analyze → synthesize
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JSMS Videos

Videos about, for and by the students at Jordan-Small Middle School. 
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